Chip Reducer / Shredder

Outstanding technology and reliable concepts: we offer a fitting cutting system for each duty.
Whether a centralized or if a decentralized solution will be requested, cutting systems manufac-tured by JBF will be the essential part of a production management strategy of each production tool. Adapted to the according waste material and the requested throughput, they are an integral part of each production system with its specific needs. Sturdy design, long tool life and low maintenance and service effort enable outstanding efficiency and profitability.
Slow-rotating cutting shafts and being integrated into a massive machine frame, effectuate a low-wear and low-noise operation.
Standard or customized collecting containers can be foreseen underneath the solid superstruc-ture.

Depending on cutting material, planned through-put and final chip size, a fitting knife configuration will be provided.

Enabling the lift-out of the entire cutting shafts, the divided frame of the cutting unit allows a fast exchange of the cutting unit, if requested.

An accurate classing of the cutting material can be enabled by installing a granulate screen underneath the cutting unit.
The screen hole size will be adapted to the according request.
Chips with screen size pass the sieve and fall into the deposit device, oversize chips get back to the cutting zone.

The operation panel at the electrical cabinet contents all relevant operation elements, which allow a reliable operation. The personnel security is assured by security switches on revision openings to prevent against unauthorized access into the cutting zone.

Inside the feeding funnel a mechanical, electromotive or hydraulic driven pushing device can be installed to enable a continuous operation even with problematic-to-handle cutting material.

Sample installations

Technical data

JBF 28/35JBF 35/35JBF 38/54JBF 100/54
Size of cutting unitmm ca.280 x 345355 x 345380 x 5361010 x 536
Knife width (standard / alt.)mm20 / 15 / 10 / 8 / 620 / 1531 / 2031
Drive (standard)kW2,22,27,57,5
Drive (alternative)kW334 / 9,2 / 15 / 18,44 / 9,2 / 15
Size (cutting unit + drive)LxBxH mm ca.790 x 400 x 660870 x 400 x 6601920 x 645 x 4502450 x 635 x 450
Weightkg ca.250275870 / 1230 *)1320
Chassis / frame (option) )für Container/Ltr.240 / 360 / 1100240 / 360 / 11001100
JBF 54/60JBF 100/60JBF 90/90
Size of cutting unitmm ca.535 x 5951010 x 595890×890
Knife width (standard/ alt.)mm20 / 25 / 414040
Drive (standard)kW7,51530
Drive (alternative)kW8 / 11 / 15 / 223044 / 60
Size (cutting unit + drive)LxBxH mm ca.1890 x 660 x 4503910 x 680 x 5403385 x 1010 x 640
Weightkg ca.1100 / 1450 *)18304950
Chassis / frame (option)für Container/Ltr.1100

*) = Weight with 1 motor / with 2 motors