Disintegrators Brochure PDF
Disintegrators Brochure PDF


Beneficial and proven technology
With the actual trend of increasing security requirements in industrial applications and established top security requirements at government entities and the security printing sector, documents need to be cut to tiny particles. Disintegrators are equipped with one cutting shaft, the so called rotor, and use the same rugged knives for all security levels. Between rotor knives (sitting on the rotor) and static bed knives (sitting in the chassis) the shredding material is cut into randomly sized pieces like in a chipper. A screen below the rotor keeps all shreds within the cutting chamber around the rotor until they are cut small enough to pass through the holes of the screen and drop into a hopper under the screen. Exchanging the screen with another one with different perforation allows to adapt the final shred size of a disintegrator within a few minutes time. Usually the shreds are vacuumed and transported by an air-system and collected in plastic bags or compressed in mobile compactors or briquetting presses.
JBF Disintegrators are perfectly adapted for reliable and economic destruction of paper + plastic materials like paper documents, secure documents like passports or bank notes, magnetic media like plastic cards or floppy disks as well as optical media like CD´s or DVD´s.

Perfect access
Having opened some screw joints, the upper chassis with feed hopper can be folded manually – or with hydraulic assistance at the larger models – to the rear. The superb CenterfoldChassis allows for unmatched access to all rotor- and bed-knives and the screen, providing for convenient, rapid and safe exchange of knives and screen.


Solid drilled screens
The shred size of a disintegrator varies with the mesh aperture of the installed screen. Since screens can be exchanged on JBF Disintegrators within a few minutes time, they can be rapidly adapted to changing security requirements.
For all JBF Disintegrators screens with perforation for security levels 3 up to 7 according to DIN 66399 and the highest standard NSA-CSS 02-02 of the U.S. Government are available.
For maximum throughput and durability, JBF MaxiFlow Screens are made from thick drilled (not punched) sheet steel with optimized mesh apertures and geometries.


Tough and lasting knives

JBF QuickSwap Technology provides for convenient and rapid knife assembly and adjustment of the die clearance of the bed knives. Rotor knives need no adjustment, they are simply put against a bed stop and fixed with bolts.
All knives are made from high-quality hardened tooling steel. Their straight blade is very rugged and universally fits most applications and all security classes.
Worn or damaged knives can be conveniently unfastened and re-grounded many times by local specialist workshops or in our factory.

Precision-made rotors
Rotors are made from solid steel on high-precision CNC milling machines. Thus they are perfectly balanced and provide for smooth running at high speed. With their special layout and the carefully adapted cutting chamber, our rotors handle thick stacks of paper and other memory media.
The rotor design is based on SDC (SingleDiagonalCut) or DDC (DualDiagonalCut) technology, representing the most sophisticated knife layouts, excelling with smooth run, equal load level and low power consumption.

A match for each demand
The JBF disintegrator product line covers differing performance requirements and applications. 6 different models are available, ranging from DIS 23/15 for destruction of papers and CD´s in the office up to DIS 100/60 for centralised destruction of large administrative buildings, barracks or production facilities. The JBF Disintegrator product line covers DIN 66399 security levels 3 up to 7 and NSA-CSS 02-02 with throughput capacities between 40 and 2,000 kg/h.

Adequate accessories
As an option, matching sound enclosures, vacuuming units or briquette baling presses are available for all models. Larger machines can be updated with PLC-controls with touchpanel, customised feed conveyor belts, primary shredders and magnetic separators upon request.


ModelDIS 23/15DIS 41/20DIS 41/26DIS 45/30DIS 60/30DIS 100/60
Working widthmm2304104104506001.000
Rotor diametermm150200260300300600
Acceptable paper sizeup toDIN A4DIN A3DIN A3DIN A2DIN A1DIN A0
Throughput paper in DIN 66399 level P3ca. kg/h802404405607502.000
Durchsatz Papier in DIN 66399 level P5ca. kg/h601703204005301.400
Durchsatz Papier in DIN 66399 level P6ca. kg/h501502753404501.200
Durchsatz Papier in DIN 66399 level P7ca. kg/h40130210260350930
Motor powerkW47,511303075
Supply voltage*V / Hz / Ph400 / 50 / 3400 / 50 / 3400 / 50 / 3400 / 50 / 3400 / 50 / 3400 / 50 / 3
Weight netca. kg2306157702.4002.6007.200
Sound leveldbA>100>100>100≈ 110≈ 110≈ 110
Air system connecting piece Ømm601001001201202 x 120