Hard Disc Drive Shredders JBF HD 15/40, 20/40, 18/54

These types of shredding machine are designed for the shredding of hard discs (HDD and SSD), CD/DVD, video tapes, typewriter ribbon, retaining tape etc. With their reduced overall width of 760 – 780 mm they were designed to pass through standard doors.

18,5 mm/19 mm knife widths care for small particle sizes and thus for more data security. Powerful drives (gear motors) with enormous torque allow a high cutting performance. A low shaft speed of 11 rpm avoids sparking inside the cutting unit.

Secured feeding of material into the running shredder through special funnel with electrical safety switch according to the latest security regulations. Max. part size up to approx. 150-180 x 200 x 44 mm (l x w x h).

Auto reverse at overload with automatic restart. Machine stops after triple reverse. By direct drive of cutting shafts drive chains are not needed. Thus less maintenance requested along with low dust sensitivity.

Basic frame for 120 l container. Space-saving location of electrical cabinet, integrated inside machine frame.

According to DIN 66399:
Security level H-4


Pictures: JBF HD 15/40, measurements in mm

Technical Data

Technical DataJBF HD 15/40JBF HD 20/40JBF HD 18/54
Knife width18,5 mm18,5 mm19 mm
Cutting zoneca. 150 x 400 mmca. 200 x 400 mmca. 180 x 540 mm
Cutting speedca. 11 U/min.ca. 11 U/min.ca. 11 U/min
Container volume120 l120 l120 l
Power supply400 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phasen 16 A
Connected load3,0 kW3,0 kW4,0 – 5,5 kW
Throughputdepending on size and execution of hard discs