Hard disk drive + FLASH Media Shredder JBF HD 15/40 Office FLASH

Intended Range of Application

This machine was designed for operation directly in the IT-department of companies, banks and governmental institutions with high up to paramount security demand. With it´s relatively small footprint and the single-phase-power-supply it matches into the office surrounding and provides for sufficient performance for continuous and secure disposal of outdated or damaged data media in line with applicable data protection requirements. The machine was designed for secure destruction of FLASH media like SD cards, thumb drives, smart phones, tablets or SSD drives. It can, however, also cope with optical media like CD´s, DVD´s, BluRay Discs or magnetic media like magnet tapes, smart cards, floppy discs or smaller magnet tape cassettes. You may expand the machine with an optional screen at any time to reach higher security levels.

Important Features

  • Available in Single-Phase Power Supply version for operation on any standard power outlet with inverter drive Alternatively available in Three-Phase Power Supply version for operation on a CEKON CEE 16A outlet
  • Slim design to fit through standard office doors
  • Disintegrates FLASH media like thumb drives, SD-cards, SIM-cards, SSD drives, smart phones, …
  • Handles other data media like CD´s, DVD´s, BluRay Discs, magnet tapes, smart cards
  • Complies w/o screen with DIN 66399 security levels F1 / O3 / T4 / E3
  • Reaches DIN 66399 security levels F4 / O6 / T7 / E5 with the optional 3 mm screen

Technische Daten

Technical data single-phase-version
Power supplyV/Hz230V / 50Hz / 1Ph (other voltages are available upon request)
Motor performancekW1,5


Technical data three-phase-version
Power supplyV/Hz400V/50Hz/3Ph (other voltages are available upon request)
Motor performancekW3,0

General technical data

Cutting zone1 mm150 x 400
Knife width 11 mm32,5
Security level 1DINH4 nach DIN 66399
Knife width 2mm5,5 optional 4,25
Security level 2DINDIN 66399 level E3
Machine dimensionsmm1.225 x 740, 1.275 hoch
Machine weightkg550
Collecting bin volumelitre88