Balling Machine KW 765 and KW 765 G

Automatic Balling Machine KW 765 and KW 765 G is capable of winding all kinds of yarn on tubes as well as to wind tubeless balls.

Highly sophisticated electronic controls allow the production of balls of any shape, size, make-up and yarn running length.
Easy and reproducible change-over to other manufacturing batches is consequently ensured as well.
The operation of the machine is through a large operation panel. All machine parameters and error messages are displayed in clear language on the display. All ball parameters like running-length mandrel-beam-position, winding speed etc. can be stored in up to 99 storage places for shortest change-over-times.

Automatic tube supply:

When winding balls on tubes, these tubes can be either loaded manually or with the automatic tube supply unit into the tube magazines above each winding position. Tubes are picked up from a central container by a conveyor and are pre-orientated and lined up by guide rails. Wrongly arranged tubes will be returned into the central container.
Alternatively a vibration feeder can be installed for small tubes. to supply them to the tube magazines above each winding position.
During every winding process an empty tube is taken from each tube magazine. At the beginning of a new winding cycle this tube is pushed onto the winding mandrels by tube supply cylinders.


The thread end Is still held In the cutting and clamping device of the previous cycle.

After some flyer revolutions the thread end is released and wound in the initial form winding. The position of the mandrels during the initial form winding is almost in line with the flyer axis. This way a rather narrow initial winding is obtained.

After preselection in the electronic controls the mandrel beam is raised and lowered repeatedly for an individual styling of the ball shape. During that operation the mandrel runs with increased speed. This causes an open and massive ball structure.
The ratio mandrel revolutions to flyer revolutions can be adjusted stepless at any mandrel beam position and stored into the operation panel storage place.

With the same constant flyer speed the rotating speed of the mandrel is now reduced. This causes a closed thread lay on the ball surface. The compactness of the thread layer in this phase forms the final look of the ball and is infinitely adjustable.

The diameter of the ball opening can be determined by the inclination angle of the mandrel beam towards the flyers.

Optional there is the possibility to position round labels on the balls through suction cylinders. The following surface layer winding gives the label the necessary support.

Durch Betätigen eines Umschalters lassen sich Knäuel wahlweise mit oder ohne eine Umfangswicklung herstellen. Die gewünschte Breite, das Volumen und die Dichte der Fadenverlegung des Umbandes lassen sich einfach einstellen. Nach Abschluß des Wickelvorganges stoppt die Maschine und der Faden wird in die ausgefahrenen Messer eingelegt. Beim Zurückfahren der Messer wird der Faden in die Öse der im Knäuel eingestochenen Einzugsnadeln eingelegt. Das Messer schneidet den Faden ab und klemmt ihn für den nächsten Wickelvorgang fest. Gleichzeitig zieht die Nadel den Faden in das fertige Knäuel ein. Die fertigen Knäuel werden vom Wickeldorn abgestreift und entsprechend ihrer weiteren Verarbeitung dem geeigneten Transportsystem übergeben.

Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment:

  • Automatic tube supply unit
  • Automatic labelling device
  • Material supply creel with reserve connection
  • 3 to 8 cross winding and/or smooth winding for hand knitting yarn
  • Exchange set for a different tube or label size
  • Thread end clamping
  • Thread tension compensation
  • Thread breakage control with machine stop
  • Cycle counter with preset option and total production counter included into the operation panel Thread breakage control with automatic ball
  • counting device
  • Ball conveyor with elevator
  • Automatic infeed into fully automatic JBF packaging machines.

Types of Winding Mandrels and Winding Possibilities

KW765 Spreizdorn
Sizes of winding mandrel
                             KW 765                                          KW 765 G
Compact Mandrel
                            8 – 52 mm                                        27 – 52 mm
Winding length                            12 – 85 mm                                        22 – 130 mm
Compact Tube Mandrel

Inside diameter of tube

                            8 – 52 mm                                        27 – 52 mm
Length of tube                            12 – 85 mm                                        12 -85 mm
Expanding Mandrel
Inside diameter of tube
                            35 – 57 mm                                        35 – 90 mm
                Length of tube                            12 – 85 mm                                        12 – 100 mm

Technical Data

Technical Data:                     KW 765                                  KW 765 G
                Winding heads10, 16 or 2010 or 16
                 Spindle gauge165.1 mm (5.51“)203.3 mm (8“)
                 Flyer speedmax. 2200 rpm.max. 2000 rpm.
                 Label diameter22 – 45 mm25 – 60 mm
                 Ball weightapprox. 1 – 50 gapprox. 50 – 150 g
Outside ball diametermax. 85 mmmax. 120 mm
                 Ball lengthmax. 90 mmmax. 130 mm
                 Material supplyspools max. 300 mm, 450 mm long
Power consumption5.0 kw5.0 kw
                 Air consumption









10 spindles max. 1.5 m3/h

16 spindles max. 2.0 m3/h

20 spindles max. 2.5 m3/h

max. 2 m3/h
                 Air pressure6.0 bar6.0 bar
                 Machine weight









10 spindles approx. 1800 kg

16 spindles approx. 2150 kg

20 spindles approx. 2350 kg

approx. 2350 kg
Space requirementapprox. 8.5 m2approx. 11 m2