Balling + Banding Machine KW 800 BAG

  • available with 16 or 20 winding positions
  • for balls from 25 to 170 g, depending on yarn count, heavier ball weights subject to trials
  • inverter controlled servo drive of winding mandrels (available mandrel sizes from 65/28 mm up to 190/44 mm)
  • thread end inserted into the ball by mechanical hook, novacuum or mechanical mandrel crown necessary (suitablealso for crochet or fantasy yarns and angora)
  • set-up with touch panel (no mechanical set-up needed):winding length, winding speed, mandrel beam position,mandrel beam speed, crossing ratio
  • 10 different winding layers programmable with individualset-up of winding length and speed, mandrel beam positionand speed plus crossing ratio for each layer
  • all crossing ratios from 1:1,00000 up to 1:999,99999
  • mandrel and flyer sizes etc. can be stored and shown on thetouch panel for easy product set-up
  • easy change of mandrels, no tools needed
  • easy maintenance by easy accessibility of the technicalcomponents
  • no hydraulic drive system used for less maintenance efforts

Control system:

  • colour touch screen for easy set-up of all winding parameters
  • recipe storage for up to 300 winding recipes
  • 4 individual cycle counters (cycles + winding time)
  • fault messages in clear text plus description of problem
  • in case of power failure, actual and nominal data saving to finish actual winding cycle after power restart
  • data backup of winding programmes with Ethernet


Standard equipment:

  • flyer area control by light curtain to avoid damage on flyers and mandrels
  • material supply creel
  • yarn break control system
  • automatic yarn cutting at cycle end
  • automatic threading, no air gun needed
  • automatic thread brake
  • air threading

Additional Equipment

  • cup conveyor belt to banding machine BAG
  • automatic banding machine BAG
  • individual yarn breaking control per winding position with online data transfer to automatic packaging machine to separate short-length balls with blow-out device
  • inline automatic packaging line to pack balls in one or two levels in pre-manufactured plastic bags
  • fabric mandrel cover

Technical Specification