Fully-automatic Card Winding Machine K 765 K

Fully-automatic Winding Machine for cards K 765 K with 10 or 16 spindles in fully automatic working cycle.

Each suction cylinder is taking a card out of the card magazines and putting it onto the winding beam where the cards are clamped. At the same time two support fingers are moving over the card. In that way the card is protected from being displaced or deformed by the yarn tension.
The winding cycle begins. The winding beam moves back and forth and so an even transfer of the material on the card is obtained.
After a short winding time the yarn clamp releases the beginning of the yarn which is wound in afterwards.
The electronically preset number of windings will result in the desired card weight.
When the card weight is reached, the yarn end is positioned at the lower winding edge. The winding beam moves backwards and at the same time the yarn end is laid diagonally over the card, into the knife and into the drawing-in hook of the support finger.
The knife cuts the yarn and clamps it for the next winding cycle. The support fingers move backwards and draw in the yarn end.
The finished cards are doffed or optionally stored in card magazines by a transfer unit

Additional Equipment

  • Cycle counter with preset option
  • Machine stop on yarn breakage
  • Automatic delivery to fully-automatic JBF packaging machines
  • Additional card magazines for more card formats

Technical Data

Winding heads16 or 10
Spindle gauge165,1 mm (6.5“)
Flyer speedmax. 2000 1/min
Winding lengthadjustable
Material supplycylindrical spools max. dia. 300 mm, 450 mm long
Power consumption3,0 kW
Air consumptionmax. 1,0 m³/h
Air pressure6,0 bar
Machine weightapprox. 1600 Kg
Space requirementapprox. 6 m²