Automatic Ribbon Spooling Machines BS 3 / BS 6

Ribbon Spooling Machine BS are fully automatic machines with 3 or 6 winding positions, for ribbon 3 to 10 mm wide continuously laid on paper or plastic spools. Spooled ribbon lengths are depending on the spool sizes up to 100 meters.

Highly sophisticated machine controls and –technologies allow a variable winding of the border- and reverse points, resulting in an even wound and flat surface of the produced spool. To obtain a constant ribbon tension during the winding process all material supply spools are driven and controlled individually.

Each winding position is equipped with a labelling device. Adhesive labels are provided from a carrier belt during the winding process and picked up with the suction device of the labelling cylinder. The automatic supply of the adhesive label is controlled by an optical sensor. During the winding cycle empty spools are stored into the magazine of each winding position. The ribbon guiding system moves towards the empty spool and the ribbon is attached to the spool with an adhesive label.

The winding process begins and the machine spools until the electronically preset running length is reached. The machine stops and the scissors cut the ribbon. The cut ribbon end is attached to the finished spool with an adhesive label. The spools are doffed from the mandrels and are transported to a product accumulator or a fully automatic JBF packaging machine.

A new cycle begins with pushing on the empty spools.

Production Data:
BS 3: Depending on the spool size, with 20 meters ribbon length: approx. 9 spools/minute
BS 6: Depending on the spool size, with 20 meters ribbon length approx. 18 spools/minute


  • Automatic supply of empty spools
  • Automatic infeed into fully automatic JBF-Packaging Machines

Technische Daten

Winding position3 oder 6
Mandrel speedmax. 2000 1/min
Winding speedmax. 400 m/min
Winding lengthinfinitely adjustable
Material supplycylindrical spools max. 300 mm ∅, 450 mm long
Power consumption1,5 kW
Air consumptionmax 1 m3/h
Air pressure6,0 bar
Machine weightapprox. 650 / 1200 kg
Space requirementapprox. 6 / 12 m2