Fully-automatic ball packaging device JBF VP 100 / PB 200

JBF VP100/PB200 Knäuel-Verpackungsmaschine

Automatic ball packaging device to pack hand-knit balls in one level into pre-manufactured plastic bags

The conjunction of 16 or 20 spindle JBF, C+L or other balling machines with VP 100 / PB 200 enables a fully- automatic and continuous ball packaging. The balls being compiled by VP 100 in rows of e.g. 3 or 5 balls will be transported to the automatic packaging machine PB 200.

Depending on set-up, one or two rows of balls will be pushed into pre-manufactured plastic bags, taken from two interchangeable magazines of each approx. 50 bags.

The bags will be opened pneumatically, filled with balls and sealed. The time for automatic sealing and detaching of the bag waste is adjustable according to material and its thickness.

PB 200 can be equipped with barcode printing system and automatic application device for self-adhesive labels onto the bottom of the plastic bags.

Technical Data

– ball weight from approx. 25 – 100 g (subject to trials)
– ball packaging of 1 or 2 rows of balls in one level
– max. output of approx. 6 bags per minute
– working parameters to be adjusted on display (machine error messages in clear text)

Dimensional drawing (measurements in mm)

JBF VP100/PB200 Maßblatt (Abmessungen in mm)