Automatic Card Winding Machine TBW 1/TBW 1G

Fully automatic electronically controlled winding machine with one winding head for ribbon up to 70 mm wide, or rope up to 4 mm diameter, continuously laid on cards of any shape.

The empty cards are taken out of the card magazine and put onto the winding table by a suction device. The ribbon which is clamped into the ribbon guiding system is clamped together with the card on the winding table. The turning of the winding table with the attached card causes that the ribbon is wound.
The highly sophisticated servo motor technology is allowing a leaping laying up to max. number of 45 leaps. A change-over to a continuous laying and an infinitely adjustment of the running length of the ribbon is also possible. After having reached the electronically preset values the ribbon is cut and securely fixed on the wound card by an adhesive label.
The wound card is doffed and optionally delivered into a box by a conveyor belt, to a stock magazine or to a JBF packaging machine.

Additional Equipment

•       Tensionless and tangle less material supply, optional from a cylindrical spool or supplied out of a box.

•       Delivery device for winding elastic materials.

•       Adjustable card magazine.

•       Quick motion device.

•       Conveyor belt for wound cards.

•       Magazining device for wound cards, including conveyor belt.

•       Magazining device for wound products without cards.

•       Defect-sensing, machine-stop caused by defective ribbon.

•       Machine-stop caused by lack of labels.

•       Machine-stop caused by lack of ribbon.

•       Machine-stop caused by empty card magazine.

•       Machine-stop caused by full card magazine of wound cards.

•       Cycle counter with preset-option.

•       Hot cutting device

•       Rope tucking device. Rope end is drawn under the last layer

•       Connection with JBFAutomatic delivery to fully automatic JBF packaging and -Folding-and Ironing device.

•        labeling machines.

Technical Data

Winding position1
Winding table revolutions320 – 750 1/min
Winding lengthinfinitely
Size of cardsType TBW1G: max. 220 x 150 mm (length x width) Type TBW1GS: max. 280 x 190 mm
Ribbon widthmax. 70 mm by leaping laying
Material supplycylindrical spools, max. 500 mm dia, 500 mm long or supplied out of a box.
Power consumption1 respectively 1,5 kW
Air consumptionmax. 0,5 m3/h according to execution.
Air pressure6,0 bar
Machine weightapprox. 450 / 700 Kg
Space requirementapprox. 6 m2 with creel