Fully Automatic Winding Machine SW 8

The winding process begins. After a short winding period the beginning of the yarn is released out of the clamping device and wound in by the initial winding.
After the electronically preset running length is reached and the star-shaped cards have made one complete turn, the yarn-end is drawn-in into a notch on the card.
The yarn is cut off below the card and at the same time clamped for the next winding cycle. The finished star-shaped card is doffed into a product accumulator.
The star-shaped card which is taken up by a suction device must have a smooth and unperforated surface of at least 18 mm in diameter.

Additional equipment

  • Parallel winding of the yarn.
  • Card conveyor with elevator.
  • Cycle counter with preset option.
  • Thread breakage control with machine-stop.

Technical data

Winding heads8
Spindle gauge165,1 mm (6.5“)
Flyer speedmax. 800 r.p.m.
Card sizemax. 100 mm diameter
Winding lengthinfinitely adjustable
Material supplyspools, max. 200 mm diameter larger spools on request
Power consumption1,5 kW
Air consumptionmax. 1,0 m3/h
Air pressure6,0 bar
Machine weightapprox. 1000 Kg
Space requirementapprox. 5 m2