Hard Disk Drive Shredder type JBF HD 38/54

Important Features

  • Three Phase Power supply for operation on CEKON CEE 32A power outlet
  • Slim design to fit through standard office doors
  • Compliant with DIN 66399 security level H4
  • With additional screen particle size can be adapted and security level raised up to level H5
  • Processes up to 300 HDD´s per hour
  • Handles 3.5” HDDs with server hot swap tray caddies
  • Handles other data media like CD´s, DVD´s, magnet tapes, PDA´s, thumb drives,…


Intended Range of Application

This machine was designed for operation directly in data centers, shredding service providers and the IT-department of companies or banks. In combination with a screen the machines are used by Central Intelligence and Armed Forces with highest security requirements. With it´s relatively small footprint it matches into the office and IT surrounding and provides for high performance for continuous disposal of larger quantities of outdated or damaged HDD´s and other data media. A three-phase outlet CEKON CEE 32A is required for operation.


Technical Data

Technical Data
Power supply V / Hz 400V / 50Hz / 3Ph (other voltages and frequencies available upon request)
Motor power kW 4.0
Cutting zone mm 180 x 540
Knife width mm 20.0
Dimensions mm 1,080 x 780, 1,815 high
Weight kg 900
Collecting box volume litre 240