Paper Shredding Machines JBF-Data Cut

This machine was designed for operation directly in the administration of large companies or banks and for recyclers and shredding service providers. With its Siemens S7-1200 PLC with color touch panel it provides for automated destruction of large amounts of documents with only little human intervention. Installed on a trailer it can be used for ultra-high volume mobile shredding services.

  • Direct connection of power supply to terminals by customer´s electrician
  • Compliant with DIN 66399 security level P3 (DC + DCM 600) or P2 (DC + DCM 800 + 1000)
  • Standard feed conveyor provides for convenient feeding of large amounts of documents
  • Combination of a rugged primary shredder and a security shredder for creation of small particles
  • DCM machines feature a magnetic separator for automatic separation of ferrous magnetic metals ahead the security shredder
  • Handles thick computer printout lists and complete ring binders (suggested for DCM machines only)
  • Processes up to approx. 600 / 800 / 1,000 kg paper documents per hour
  • Handles small amounts of other data media like CD´s, DVD´s, floppy discs

Additional equipment

DCM-machines with Magnetic metal separator mounted under the pre-shredder

High-performance secundary fine shredder JBF 88/55, built-in on a DC/DCM 2500. With segment knives for cost-saving replacement

Technical data

DC/DCM 600DC/DCM 800DC/DCM 1000DC/DCM 2500
capacity up to approx.*)650 / 600 kg / h850 kg / h1000 kg / h2500 kg / h
connected load of pre-shredder (kW)7,59,22 x 7,52 x 9,2 (alt. 2 x 15)
connected load of fine shredder (kW)9,29,29,22 x 9,2 (alt. 2 x 11)
mesaurements (length x width x height)
DC – inline-version (mm)5400 x 1150 x 25505400 x 1150 x 25505850 x 1150 x 28504360 x 1810 x 3090
DCM – inline-version (mm)6350 x 1150 x 29006350 x 1150 x 29007410 x 1150 x 31104360 x 1810 x 3090 **)
weight (kg)
DC incl. infeed conveyor2200220026006000
DCM incl. infeed conveyor2500250029006700

*) The specifications of the capacity are based on our experience and depends on the type of material, the material dimensions, the feeding of the material into the machine as well as the technical layout of the machine
**) measurements without conveyor