Precision Winder Multi Head Winder MHW

  • Features:
  • Spooling programme individually adjustable per spooling positions
    Electronic traverse motion / variable adjustment of traverse
  • Traverse control according to spool diameter
  • Set-up of no. of crossing and thread diameter will automatically
    calculating the resulting gear factor independently from traverse width. Parameters can be modified during winding cycle
  • Adjustable spooling parameters, max. six layers over spooling length:
    • Yarn size and no. of crossings (1X-1/16X) or gear ratio
    • No. of crossing over the traverse width, incl. conservation of thread thickness when traverse width will be modified, thus crossing pattern will be kept by automatically corrected gear ratio
  • Parallel winding possible
  • Changeable spool mandrel for cylindrical or conical spools
  • Spool mandrel with pneumatic clamping of cores or coreless
    winding possible
  • Back lock of traverse bar pneumatically controlled
  • Winding feeder with adjustable thread tension
  • Machine stop on yarn break
  • Adjustable thread tension, e. g. linear change from spooling start to
    spooling end
  • Thread supply from above (from creel) or below (directly from
  • Operation panel / display:
  • 10” colour touch screen
  • Easy set-up of spooling parameters incl. spool head pressure
  • Fault messages in clear text
  • Storage of spooling programmes incl.:
    o Max. mandrel rpm / max. winding speed
    o No. of crossings and yarn size respectively crossing ratio
    o Traverse width modification in accordance to spool diameter or number of mandrel turn, pre-adjustable
    o Set-up of yarn delivery unit in accordance to spool diameter, hence indirect adaption of yarn tension
    o Pre-adjustable spool head pressure in accordance to spool diameter, pre-adjustable over entire winding cycle
    o Machine stop when reaching set-up running length or set-up max. package diameter
  • Recipe memory on USB stick

Technical data

No. of spooling heads per winding unit1 – 3, pitch 600 mm
Reachable winding speedMax. 1000 m/min, depending on crossing ratio, yarn diameter and quality, can be set-up constant over entire winding cycle
Mandrel speed50 to 2500 rpm
Traverse width10 mm – max. 340 mm (13,5“), optional 420 mm (16,5”)
Yarn diameterMax. approx. 10 mm, depending on yarn
Spool diameterMax. 350 mm (14“), optional 410 mm (16“)
MandrelExchangeable, for cylindrical or conical spools
Mandrel diameterFrom 10 mm
Max. spool weight40 kg
Mandrel drive, inverter controlled1,1 kW, individually per spooling position
Supply spool size with overhead unwindingHeight max. 500 mm, flange diameter max. 250 mm